"I love the simple elegance. [...] All of Betsey Sook’s designs are so timeless – something that would compliment any occasion."
— Chandra

The epitome of classical European elegance is found in Rome, and our imagination went to this historic metropol (as charming in real life as Woody Allen portrayed it in "To Rome With Love"), when this diamond design showed itself to us.

After years of study and hours and hours of drafting, we managed to capture a design with extraordinary harmony and balance... Where the center diamond is graced and embellished by the circle of outer diamonds in proportional relations that would please – perhaps even impress – an artist of the Renaissance.

Couldn't you imagine yourself sitting on an impossibly picturesque "piazza" and order a glass of local wine, while everybody around you stole a glance and wondered: Who is this beautiful lady, and who could she be waiting for?

The Betsey Sook Da Vinci Diamond Earrings are classic-contemporary elegance, infused with quintessential European glamour and style. Heirloom jewelry, kept fresh & wearable (and a little bit mysterious.)

Two natural brilliant cut white diamonds, graced with a pavé of brilliant cut white diamonds. The pavé diamonds are full cut, which means that they all have 57 facets for utter brilliance and sparkle. Set in 18k solid gold. Full specs. can be obtained by emailing us. Handcrafted and ethical. When you buy fine jewelry from Betsey Sook, you buy diamonds from a certified diamond grader with a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

The Da Vinci Diamond Earrings can be cast in 18k yellow gold, and they look marvellous in a variety of diamond carat sizes. Please contact us for more information, if you could be interested in a bespoke diamond carat size and weight, handcrafted just for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you at contact@betseysook.com.

All Betsey Sook pieces come beautifully packaged and perfectly showcased for a special occasion 100% gift-ready.

Approx. 8 weeks.