Our preferred material is solid gold. It gives the luxurious feeling, we always go for, and the durability, we want. 

We don't work in sterling silver - and naturally not in gold-plated, gold-vermeil, or gold-dipped. The reason why silver is so inexpensive compared to solid gold, is because it is very soft. It easily bends and breaks, and it tarnishes.

Materials come from all over the world: Madagascar, India, Brazil, Tanzania, Italy and Holland to mention a few. They are purchased from accredited European suppliers, and all diamonds, precious stones and gemstones are natural... Made by Mother Earth over processes of millions of years and harvested in natural surroundings such as grottos and in the deep sea. 

Each single precious stone is hand-selected by Betsey herself. She literally goes through hundreds of stones to pick out the few ones that meet our stringent standards in terms of colours, luster and cut.

We do not work with pearls anymore. They are so soft and beautiful, and we would wish we could offer these treasures of the Sea, but after the realization that a little animal is getting hurt in the process  of creating the pearls, we decided that they are not for us. 


We deal only with white brilliant-cut diamonds. Never with black diamonds, rough diamonds or "rustic" diamonds as they are far less valuable and of highly variable quality. To give an example, a 1 ct. white brilliant-cut diamond can cost 30 times and up to 60 as much as a black diamond. Champagne – or cognac diamonds are worth one forth of a brilliant-cut although many designers charge almost the same price for them and sell them as if they were equal. From a design perspective, black, rough and "rustic" diamonds can be beautiful and exciting, but they are far less interesting or attractive in jewellery that must also serve as a long-term investment for the client. 

All our diamonds are conflict-free.  Solitaire diamonds over 0.5 carat come with a diamond graded certificate.